Selasa, Januari 18, 2011

My Forbidden Love-Bieyhanny

MY FORBIDDEN LOVE-Bieyhanny Manthorntee

 I feel someone touch my hand
 but i don't know aren't you?
 I feel someone blow my hair
but i don't know who?
I feel someone whispering in my ears
Then i realize it was your songs
that always be by my side

I feel someone hold me close and kiss me
but i know it was in my dream
and it will disappears when it's sunshine
i feel someone call my name
then i realize it was the wind that's
bring all the missed from you

I feel someone stand by me
but i see no shadow and
when i realize it was an empty space and loneliness
those who accompany me all my sadness night
waiting for my prince charming

Please take me out from all 
this sadness
just touch my heart with  your love so i can feel
how sweet it is
untill some day when my heart wide open by you
and you say those three magic words

If this love could kills me
i will die for it but don't let me die before
i find and feel your love
and please give me a longervity life
if this love is yours

but if this love is forbidden 
let me be your prissoner
and lock me up inside your heart
so i can be by your side
coz i love you as you are and you mean
everything to me
and you are my whole world i have been for the rest of my life
eventhought i know our love can't be together but 
i know we are meant to be in heaven


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