Ahad, Januari 30, 2011

I love you-by Bieyhanny

I wish i could hear you whispering in my ear
that you love me but
i know it's impossible for you to do so
coz you belongs to someone else
but i am never give up and i will
keep hoping that one day a miracle happen and
your heart is wide open and you realize
that i am exist inside your hear
and you will say that three magic words
''Bieyhanny i love you and i will always love you
for better or worst
for this time being and for the rest of your life
but i know it is like i am dreaming in a daytime
thank you god for such an amazing and awesome
feeling that give to me
for loving him and i will always love him
till i die.........coz my love for him is truelly deep
from the bottom of my heart........
eventhough it is so heart loving you
With love Bieyhanny

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