Rabu, Disember 01, 2010

Cerita Tentang Seseorang yang Bieyhanny Sayang

Today i want to tell a story about someone that Bieyhanny love in her live....you know no body is perfect then the one who's Bieyhanny love....My late mother...Rabiah Aroweet Abdullah.The most amazing woman that i ever meet for the rest of my life!!!!!!

She is the most memerable woman for me....she is a surviver that do everything just to make me and my sibling happy eventhought i know that she is suffer a lot!!!!!that was my beloved mummy....who's sacrified everything just to marry my daddy......

The story began .....once upon a time in little state in Northern Thailand call Roy eid......live a tiny little lady that want to come out from her village...in her age of 17 years old she went to Bangkok to find for her boyfriend who live there but the sad story began when she was cheat by her boyfriend ...so because of the broken heart she run to Souther Thailand......Sungai Golok and the Story Started.....

In that place she met my daddy and after they fall in love ,my mummy decided to became a muslim so she change her religion from Budhist to islam and then married to my daddy.....and then having me as their beautyfull daughter!!!!!(may be when i was a little child my mummy said everybody want me to be their baby)-------

To be continued!!!!!

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